Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is URLNotifier?

URLNotifier is an application that allows you to check web pages for content that has to match your criteria.

Do I need to have internet access to use the application?

Yes, it is necessary to have internet access in order to use the application.

How many simultaneous connections/threads should I use?

By default URLNotifier uses 5 simultaneous connections. Use more only if your project has many tasks and you have fast internet connection.

Can URLNotifier check for backlinks?

Yes, it can. It actually checks for any type of text content, which you provide as a search criteria in the form of a simple text or regular expression. You can use the Task Wizard if you want to set up a link checking task quickly.

I see what I am looking for on the web page but URLNotifier reports that it can't find it...

Often the content that appears in the web browser looks completely different in the HTML code of the page. For example, between the words there may be white spaces, HTML entities, HTML tags, etc. Sometimes the content you are looking for may be located in a separate frame of the web page or it is generated via Java script. Very often websites provide different content according to the user agent used by the internet visitor - for example mobile version if the web page is opened via a smartphone. You can view the source of the web page you are checking, so you can see exactly how the content is presented there.