URLNotifier is a software that checks and notifies you whether the content of web pages at specific URLs meets your criteria, which might be for example the presence of a simple text or a regular expression match. You can create projects with thousands of URLs and with just one click check whether their content meets your criteria, which can be specified for each URL separately or globally for all URLs in a project. You can check for links, ads, words, phrases, sentences, html code excerpts, etc.

  • Keeps track of texts, links, publications, ads and whatever you specify
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Organizes tasks (web pages to be checked) in projects
  • Supports thousands tasks per project
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous connections for faster processing
  • Keeps and displays history of the last 1000 checks for each task
  • Searches case sensitive/insensitive text in web pages
  • Supports C# style regular expressions to match content in web pages
  • Provides a wizard that automates the set up of some of the most common tasks
  • Displays tasks grouped by the last status, HTTP status code, encoding, etc
  • Allows specifying of global settings and overriding them for separate tasks if needed